Adakah mereka ni GILA?

Sekumpulan Orang Gila merupakan nama band yang mereka pilih.memang pelik dan RARE.tetapi, ianya hanya sekadar nama yang sudah tentu ada sebeb utama kenapa band ini memilih nama ini.

baru baru ini, ada terserempak dengan band ini sewaktu mereka menjadi guess band dalam gigs TURN UP THE VOLUME III yang berlangsung di Star City Roof Top.Sempat juga bersembang sembang dengan mereka>cuma, atas sebab masa tak mengizinkan,tak dapat nak tengok mereka perfom.

So, this morning,mereka ada share lagu kat onlinefm dan profile band mereka untuk tatapan pembaca onlinefm.Check it out…

 Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG) is a rising four-piece Post-Hardcore outfit from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have been together since mid-2005 and have big music influence towards post-hardcore bands.

 Since then, SOG expanded their music influences when Nazrin & Adek utilizing their music knowledge that they learned in their university into SOG, and then they also added some native world music such as African, Indian and Arabic beats + melodies, Malay traditional tunes and some classical elements like music from baroque and romantic period. As the result, SOG created a massive crossover tunes that made them becoming more flexible to perform in any event such as total underground gig, prom night, corporate events, acoustic session and even mainstream stages.

 SOG is one of the hottest Post Hardcore band in Malaysia and their existence and name is spreading sporadically as they will be the first band with this kind of music to break the local mainstream barrier.

SOG are :

Riko Agus (scream vocal, bass)
Raja Nazrin Shah Raja Azaham (guitar,  clean vocal, cello, flute)
Raja Nazmin Shah Raja Azaham (drums)
Muhammad Amsyar Saiful (guitar)

Style / Genre : Post-Hardcore, Modern  Rock, Alternative
 Location : Batu Caves / Shah Alam


Record Label: 
Universal Music Malaysia


EP title: Civilization Is On Trial

Song titles:
1957 (Instrumental)
Civilization Is On Trial
Dia Ada Kaitan Dengan Ucapan Saya (It Has To Do With My Speech)
Satu Melayu (One Malay)
Save Your Last
Sembilan (Nine)

Singles (not included in the album): 
Sumpah Pendekar (Warrior’s Vow)
Bola Kampung (OST Bola Kampung The Movie)
Grenade (Bruno Mars Screamo cover)
Kitalah Juara (We Are The Champion)
Enough, Enough
40% Disco ft. Tyler Cater & Michael Bohn of ISSUES

40% Disco is our first ever international collaboration.

ISSUES is a fast rising RnB Metalcore band based in Atlanta, Georgia, US.
Their first song ever released ‘King Of Amarillo’ made #1 on the iTunes rock chart.
ISSUES did a cover of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend and the song hit more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.
Tyler Carter is a talented and rising RnB singer, most of his video covers on YouTube surpassed million views each.
Michael Bohn is touted to be one of the best new screamer nowadays



VIMA Award  2012 – Best College Act
Celcom UOX Battle ’11 – Champion
Lepaq Cafe Battle of Acoustic 2010 – Champion
Gushchase 2012 – Champion
Bola Kampung Battle Of The Bands – Champion
Maybank Open Battle of the Bands ’13 – Champion
Malaysia Social Media Week Battle ‘13 – Runner Up
Kit Kat Street Battle ‘12 – Finalist


Rock The World 12 (Noisy Stage)
Rock & Stars Concert alongside Indonesian top artistes : Nidji, D’Masiv, Geisha & Astrid
DiGI LOL Fest alongside Shae from Indonesia
Opening act for Eyes Set To Kill (USA) live in KL
Opening act for As Blood Runs Black (USA) live in KL
Opening act for For This Cause (Aus) live in Shah Alam
Band Goes Pop Festival 2012 at Black Box alongside A Skylit Drive (USA)
Rock The World 11 : Adrenaline (Open Mic Stage)
TwtUpKami & OctTwtFest (Malaysia biggest Twitter gatherings)
European Hardcore Attack alongside Attitude (Ita)
SkateRock Festival vol.2 at Shah Alam Extreme Park.
SkateRock Festival vol.3 at Mont Kiara Extreme Park alongside Nine Eleven (Fra)
Asia Pacific Edge Festival alongside Braveheart (Ina), X On The Hands & Monument X (Tha)

Fans and Performances

Facebook fan page now has almost13,000  fans and increasing rapidly.
All songs and live performances on Youtube  collectively surpassed 200,000 hits (both Grenade  cover & Satu Melayu had more than  60,000 views each.

People always asked “Why your band’s  name is Sekumpulan Orang Gila”. You  will know the answer after watching SOG’s  live performances. They use their band’s name as their asset during their  shows. With full of teen angst, they  perform with highly attitude, hyper and  energetic showmanship plus creating tight performances.  Sometimes, they also bring up rare music  instruments to be played in a band  such as Cello and Bamboo Flute to  create difference between SOG and other  bands. Sometimes SOG will having such  rare music-visual sets that embark all  crowds to a deeper musical journey experiences.


Raja Nazrin Shah Raja Azaham (Nazrin)

  • Backbone of SOG
  • Born on 25th September 1989 (23 yrs old)
  • Widely known as a young and talented multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer
  • Won 1st Runner-Up in KEYNOTE 2010 (a brand new ASTRO reality TV show searching for talented composer and producer around Malaysia).
  • Produced, arranged, composed and done some collaboration toward lot of musical-works with local mainstream music industry personas such as Dato’ M.Nasir, Tam Spider, Aidit Alfian, Ana Raffali, Ad Samad, Saujana, Slen, Nora, Dato’ Jeffrydin, One Nation Emcees, Haiza, Patricia Candy, Heart A-Tack and many more.
  • Pop-composition & guitar teacher at Bentley Music Academy
  • Cellist for ANA RAFFALI’s back-up band, THE MARHAENS. One of the backup musicians during Ana’s Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 (AJL 25) winning performance.

 Raja Nazmin Shah Raja Azaham (Adek)

  • Drummer of SOG
  • Recording Engineer in SOG Production
  • Born on 25th September 1989 (23 yrs old)
  • Known as hard hitter, high energy, with the stick tricks while performing
  • Always steal the limelight from the crowd’s visual with energetic showmanship and flawless extra-ordinary stick tricks.
  • Dubbed as Malaysia’s Luke Holland (The Word Alive) due to his similarity technique of stick tricks.
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered all of SOG’s songs since 2007 by himself (except Sumpah Pendekar).
  • Video footage: 

Riko Agus (Riko)

  • Screamer of SOG
  • Latest line-up to fit in SOG
  • Born on 21th August 1992 (20 yrs old)
  • Doriano Magliano (Woe, Is Me) is his idol
  • Known with his ‘Bluergh!’ scream.

Amsyar Saiful (Amsyar)

  • Guitarist of SOG
  • Youngest line up in SOG
  • Born on 15th February 1997 (16 yrs old)
  • Probably the youngest musician ever to perform at Rock The World Festival Concert (age of 15)
  • Composer & Producer of his 1st band, As You See. Started composed technical-metalcore tunes for the band at the age of 13
  • Known for his considerable music talent of his age.

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