Alternative Rock dari Skudai

Kali ini,kita berkenalan dengan sebuah lagi band baru sahaja berkongsikan lagu mereka untuk diputarkan di ini berasal dari Skudai, Johor.Selain lagu,mereka juga menyediakan profile band mereka untuk tatapan,let check it out…

Anchoriswa was founded in the year 2004 by Farhan and Pedot in Skudai. Back then, both of them were just 14-year-old students studying at a secondary school located in Skudai. The name ‘Anchoriswa’ originated from the word ‘anchor’ and ‘iswa’ from the Malay word ‘khatulistiwa’ which means the equator.

The word ‘anchor’ symbolizes a heavy object. In the year 2004 they were frequently exposed to rock songs and heavy metal such as Butterfinger, Greenday, Blink 182, Metallica, The Mars Volta, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Radiohead, Muse and so on. This led them to produce similar sounds and music.

 All records produced were original works using only basic recording instruments which were installed in their computer and the sound of drums were produced using the keyboard. They recruited a few band members back then but no members were committed enough to stay with the band. As a result, it was just the both of them who continued to work as a team to produce music.

Through the years desire to learn more about music grew especially on guitar-playing techniques since both of them were guitarists and Pedot was more interested in learning the techniques of song recording. At the time, however, both of them were still schooling and did not have the means to own professional musical instruments and recording instruments. Despite that, they continued to learn from their more experienced friends who dabbled in music as well as from the internet and books until the age of 18 in the year 2008.

After finishing Form 5 studies, Farhan continued his studies in medicine at the Royal Medicine College in Perak whereas Pedot continued his studies part-time in international business at the Open University of Malaysia while working at a telecommunications company as a Team Leader in Johor Bahru. After a few years of working while continuing his studies, he could finally afford musical instruments such as the guitar, condenser microphones, recording software, keyboard, mixer etc to bring music-making interest to the next level.

In 2011, Farhan and Pedot came up with the idea of setting up a band complete with musicians. In the same year Pedot got to know Fitri and Shahrul Azuan and recruited them as the bassist and drummer respectively for Anchoriswa. Syafiqah Jalil was introduced to Pedot by Farhan and she is very talented in playing the guitar, keyboard and violin. Early 2012 was actually the starting point of Anchoriswa as a more professional, matured and organized band. Pedot assumed the role as the lead guitarist and vocalist, Fitri as the bassist, Shahrul Azuan as the drummer from the band Second Radio, Farhan as the second guitarist and Syafiqah Jalil as the guitarist, keyboardist, violinist and backup singer for the band Anchoriswa. The first performance was done in the middle of 2012 at UNITEN Putrajaya in conjunction with the university’s “Activity Week”.

Throughout 2012, the band members of Anchoriswa joined efforts to produce a few songs for the purpose of recording and ‘extension play’ EP production. After almost a year of recording a few songs, they picked the best 4 for the launching of their EP which was successfully carried out on the 22nd of December 2012 during an event called ‘Art of Night’.

This event was organized by the Bipi community founded by Mohd Nor Syahrul from the band Second Radio at MK Restaurant and Bistro, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat. The EP which was titled [Blueprints!!!] contained 2 English songs and 2 Malay songs which are ‘Lahir Semula’, ‘Vex’, ‘Hanya Lagu’ and ‘Forgive Me’. A mix of ‘rock alternative’ and ‘slow rock’ genres, the EP was sold at RM8.00 (by hand) and RM10.00 (by post).

This EP is definitely not the end of their band’s journey; rather it is only the beginning of more good things to come. They plan to produce the next EP or LP in 2013. Setting up a band with objectives, mission and vision has strengthen their bond and made music a motivating factor in lives as well as a source of income by pooling in their talents. For them, at Anchoriswa, playing music in a band isn’t solely a quest to seek popularity or pride but to share talent, ideas and unique messages to entertain music lovers in Malaysia regardless of race, age or religion.

 Besides, they would also love to share journey as music lovers with other music lovers in this country and be a good role model to society especially towards the younger generation and adolescents so that they will be prevented by negative influences out there. A last word from them: Anchoriswa will not stop making good music and a million thanks to Allah S.W.T, their family and friends from the band Keladak, Second Radio, Pelanggaran Akta Bunyi, The Mixed, influence from local bands such as Komplot, Hujan, Awan Band, Azlan and The Typewriter, all Independent and Major band labels in Malaysia.

Background of Anchoriswa band members:-

1. Pedot – Vocalist and Guitarist

Name: Mohamed Firdaus
Hobbies and Interest: Golf, music, watching classic movies and travelling.
Musical influence: Metallica, Kirk Hammet, Paul Gilbert, Jimi Hendrix, Komplot, Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussain, Coldplay, Radiohead Take 4 etc.
Profession: Staff Management Consultant at a work agency

2. Fitri – Bassist and Backup Singer

Name: Muhammad Fitri Abd Aziz
Hobbies and Interest: Karaoke, music, watching movies
Musical influence: Victor Wooten, Flea, Metallica, Wings, Search, Zainal Abidin Metafora etc
Profession: Sales and Marketing Manager at a telecommunications company

3. Farhan – Guitarist

Name: Farhan Zulkifli
Hobbies and Interest: Futsal, music, watching movies, travelling, golf and rugby.
Musical influence: At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, Sparta, Foals, Muse, Butterfinger, Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, John Petrucci etc.
Profession: Medical student at a college in Perak

4. Shahrul Azuan – Drummer

Name: Shahrul Azuan Raffie
Hobbies and Interest: Painting, cooking, watching concerts and travelling.
Musical influence: The Arctic Monkey, Komplot, Meet Uncle Hussain, Foals, Santana, The Strokes, Blink 182, Bunkface, Hujan etc.
Profession: Music Teacher (Drums) and music instrument consultant at a company selling musical instruments in Batu Pahat

5. Syafiqah Jalil – Keyboardist, Violinist, Guitarist and Backup Singer

Name: Syafiqah Ab Jalil
Hobbies and interest: Futsal, golf, wall climbing, playing music and likes to try new and challenging things.
Musical influence: Coldplay, Radiohead, No Doubt, Lana del Rey, Florence + The Machines, Evanescence, The Killers, The Script, One Republic, mcr, 30 Second to Mars, Jimmy Eat World, U2, The Cranberries, Scorpions and Muse.
Profession: Pharmacy student studying at a college in Putrajaya

Anchoriswa could be contacted trough below details:-

For – gig/show/booking – 0123809940 (Mr Paul)

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