Band dari Subang

Sebuah lagi band yang turut sama menghantarkan lagu dan band profile untuk di review melalui onlinefm.Band ini memang low profile dan lagu lagu ciptaan mereka .Antara lagu lagu yang telah dimuat naik ke lama I-Song adalah Kini Ku tahu & Berlari ke awan.Dua dua lagu ini memang best dan enjoy listening.Suara volakisnya bisa mencairkan wanita wanita yang ada diluar sana tu.anda boleh mendengarkan lagu lagu mereka melalui link ini
Untuk mengenali dengan lebih dekat akan band THE TICK ini,layan profile mereka yang telah dikongsikan untuk warga onlinefm dan juga oenyokong band band indie sekitar Malaysian ini…
…It all started in Subang. Hafiz and Shid started playing music back in 2002, when they were in high school along with other of their schoolmates. The duo enthusiasm towards music has led them into trying to play variety genres of music. In 2003, Haris was recruited as a bassist into the duo leading towards creating the band. At the same time, Red and Amatt informally joined the band but no formalposition was set for them as they were not for it seriously back then. Their progress was relatively slow due to the band’s priority towards education which leads them to only spent time together during the weekends. This situation continues in the next following years.
At the end of 2007, they entered a “Battle of the Bands” competition located somewhere at Klang Valley. Red and Amatt, who had joined the band for the competition, officially became the band members since then and that was the starting point of the establishment of TheTICK. Despite losing in the “Battle of the Bands”, the crowd’s response that they received was by far enough to motivate them to give the best and create colours into the Malaysian music industry. In mid of 2008, TheTICK was officially formed. This brit rock / pop band concept has released demo titled “How Much Left?” at the end of 2008, featuring two tracks; Kini Ku Tahu and Berlari Ke Awan.
Furthermore, Berlari Ke Awan track has been played on XFM radio station. After getting positive reactions and responses from music listener, it encourages them to continue writing more songs. The band has performed in number of gigs and events mostly around Klang Valley. By the end of 2010, Haris had officially left the band and entered his replacement, Khairul. After a long hiatus, the band has making a comeback with their first single “Nostalgia Sekeping Hati” and was released in early 2011. More to come as one can expect the emergence of the band brand new songs and much more. Thanks to those who had been involved directly and indirectly throughout the development of TheTICK, and not to forget for those who always give their best support to TheTICK.

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