In the middle of a chaotic world because of the pandemic, the musician is the one who suffers the most. Venues are shuttered. By mean, there are no concerts, gigs, or festivals. These uninvited events seem to destroy many hopes and lives as well. The digital platform loudly erupts, but the band doesn’t get their payment as it is supposed to be.

Life needs to go on that is what we usually hear. Musicians need to practice these 2 things while these big waves are still raging.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration is not a new thing. Many have done this before, and during this pandemic where most of us locked down in our own place or country. This may a perfect time to make new friends. Let us see what collaboration can give us back.

  • New fanbase

Try to collaborate with a new band from another place or country, share your music with them, meaning you share your music with their fan or supporter. What you got is a new, fanbase.

  • New technique and skill

Sound like a new fanbase, but this is more into skill and technique. Maybe the band you collaborate with has other than your technique or skill in producing music. Let’s call this exchange skill.

  • Open to criticism

Tired of the same mistake in the band? Because no one dares enough to speak out about your mistake. This is time you need to lend your ears to some critic from another band.

  • Discipline

When you stay with certain people too long, you become lazy and unproductive because you are sitting in your comfort zone. With new people, it seems you need to get up you *** otherwise the band you collaborate with cut the tie in the middle of the collaboration. What say you? Good or bad?

  1. Live Streaming

No place you can do performs at this moment, for goodness’ sake our government disallowed any mega gathering. But, there a ton of platform out there may suit for a band or artist to expose or make some money by live-streaming like Streetjelly, Periscope, YouNow, Facebook Live, Busker, and FriendLife.

  • Donation

A band can raise a donation from their live streaming, ask your supporter to donate a few bucks for your band. You deserver this as compliments.

  • Promotion

By live-streaming, you can promote your stuff like a band shirt, button, cd, etc. Send them later by post.

  • Pay By Request

Creativity is all about. Ask your follower to pay a few bucks if they want to request a song. You still deserve this. You supporter understand what you try to do and they know how to keep your band living. Live streaming also can increase your supporter. Believe this, the digital world can be another turning point. If you are consistent in doing this, some extra buck in your pockets.

If only we know this pandemic will change our norm, maybe we can make a preparation. But as we know we only can face this pandemic off, we cannot run or hide from it. It’s everywhere. The only thing we need to do is stay still and do what we are supposed to do by thinking critically and creatively.

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