Hadiah yang di tawarkan cukup lumayan. Bukan sekadar wang tunai, malah kontrek juara juga di tawarkan kontrek setahun. Rasanya hadiah untuk pertandingan THE ULTIMATE BAND BATTLE ini antara yang cukup lumayan di Sabah setakat ini. Menurut salah seorang penganjur, sambutan pertandingan ini amat memberangsangkan. Terlalu ramai yang menghantarkan video ujibakat sejak bulan lepas. Namun, hanya 11 buah kumpulan sahaja yang melepasi saringan peringkat saringan pertama. Nama nama mereka ada tertera di flyers diatas.

Hadiah yang di tawarkan…

Prize: (Terms & Conditions Apply)
1st Prize: RM10,000 and one (1) year contract offer
2nd Prize: RM5,000 and six (6) months contract offer
Top 10 bands will receive a certificate of participation and trophy.

Sistem pemarkahan…

10 Points: Popularity/Audience reaction (voting coupon, audience support)
20 points: Performance (how well the band uses their instrument, singer’s diction and voice quality)
10 points: Stage presence (interaction with the crowd, band is having fun and fun to watch)
10: points: Professionalism (dress and act appropriate, move efficiently during set changes)

1. Each group will be allowed a total of 15 minutes (or minimum 3 songs). Any band going over their time limit may be disqualified or have points deducted. (-5 points)

2. Each band is required to check with the Stage Manager at least one (1) hour before their scheduled performace time. 
Bands that are unable to make it an hour before will have their points deducted (-10 points) or disqualified. Band’s will be notified of performance time no later than 17th October 2017. Performance times are drawn at random and cannot be changed. 

3. All bands will comply with the Stage Manager’s decision. 

4. Eligibility:
a) Malaysia Nationality with minimum of 18 years and above.
b) A minimum of (6) six members in a band with preferably a combination of male and female vocalist. All genre of music is accepted and appreciated. The performance must be free of violence, vulgarity, lewness and sexual content. Failure to comply with these standards will disqualify the band.



Event page rasmi:-  THE ULTIMATE BAND BATTLE

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