Nota Muzika

NOTA MUZIKA .. inspired from notes to produce lyrics … and with  rhythmic… arrange nicely … then becomes a beautiful melody, music and song to sing.

This band commenced on December 2008  with concept of MODERN OLDSKOOL, POP ROCK and RETRO ROCKABILLY music and songs. NOTA MUZIKA members comprise of 5 gentlemen and 1 lady and of course they are Ipoh originally and love all kind of music. All members of NOTA MUZIKA work hard with all the ideas from doing lyrics and arrange melodies to produce a nice and beautiful songs for NOTA MUZIKA.

We hope all the music lovers will accept NOTA MUZIKA as one of the happening band in the music industry in Malaysia. We hope music and songs by NOTA MUZIKA will be accepted as a new sound of music in thousand melodies in Malaysia and also abroad.


Nor Sabina binti Zainal Abidin a.k.a. BEENA                             –           Vocalist

Mohd. Hafizul Amin bin Aminuddin a.k.a. IJOY                          –           Vocal / Rhythm Guitarist

Wan Khirul Helmy bin Abdul Rashid a.k.a. AMY                        –           Lead Guitarist

Muhammad Syazani bin Jaafar a.k.a. ZANY FRIDAYBAND      –           Bassist                                                 

Muhammadnur Aminluqman bin Aminuddin a.k.a. LUQMAN     –           Keyboardist

Mohd. Salim Aminzaini bin Aminuddin a.k.a. LIM                       –           Drummer       

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