OST filem Langgar dicipta oleh band indie dari KL

Tanggal 11 April yang lepas, kita telah dihidangkan dengan sebuah lagi filem anak tempatan yang betjudul Langgar.ramai pelakon pelakon hebat membintangan filem tersebut.Yang paling special adalah, soundtrack lagu dari filem ini telah di cipta oleh sebuah band indie yang ingin dikenali dengan nama Rosevelt.

Seminggu selepas perlancaran filem tersebut, mereka iaitu Rosevelt telah mengirimkan email kepada kami dan memberikan beberapa info mengenai lagu tersebut.Disampin itu,mereka juga memerlukan support dari onlinefm untuk memainkan lagu OST Langgar yang bertajuk “Bawaku Pergi”.Sudah tentu,lagu ini akan kami masukkan kedalam playlist kami untuk di hidangkan ke halwa pendengar pendengar onlinefm di serata dunia.

Sebelum itu, apa kata kita lihat profile band yang telah mereka sediakan untuk tatapan umum…

Opening for their musical icons in July 2011 is a long way from Rosevelt’s humble college roots, back 
when Incubus was the spark that ignited a dream. Now with electrifying effects, frenzied beats, and mindbending bass lines, wrapped up in intense vocal refrains, Rosevelt has made this recipe for rock into their signature sound.Alternative Rock, Hard Melodic Rock, whatever you call this assault on the auditory senses, those who have tasted it often developed a curious case of chronic headbanging.

Erupting from their public debut at Indie Youth Fest 2009, Rosevelt exploded among local music festivals, including Rock the World 2009 & 2010, YOUTH’10, Urbanscapes 2010, and Asian Music Festival 2011.Their contagious energy has set aflame live venues such as The Esplanade, Singapore, Laundry, The Library, and Urbanattic, as well as events including Fly FM Campur Chart, Guinness St. Patrick’s Festival 2010 and arThursday 2011.

Debuted in June 2010, Rosevelt’s single *Madicine* hit #1 at Cravecharts for eight weeks, #1 at Hitz.FM’sMET 10 for two weeks, #4 at TRAXXfm Upstage, and Top 25 at XFM Underground.
The follow up single ‘Moment’ from their debut mini album 17:35, peaked at #1 on Hitz.FM’s MET 10 and #2 on XFM’s Top 40 chart. At the same time, they released ‘Politics’, also from the album on Ardan Radio, one of Indonesia’s top radio stations, which made it to #1 for two weeks.

Nevertheless, while Rosevelt’s hopes were in the heavens, their feet were firmly on the floor and they paid their dues as campus circuit darlings: University of Nottingham Malaysia, Sunway University, Monash University, TAR College, HELP University College. In return was a nomination for *Best College Act* at the Voize Independent Music Awards 2010.

That is how Rosevelt is perfectly embodied in a single word: grassroots. Since breaking into the local 
music industry, they have been a champion of all talents Malaysian and indie, from music mavens and duds designers to shutterbuffs and architects of art. Rosevelt is local like that.
With that same personal touch, Rosevelt shows are all about crowd connection. It was no strange sight for the band to be constantly touching base with their fans as they rocked Penang, Kelantan, KL, Selangor, Pahang, Malacca, even Singapore. At the core, their essence is a single idea: have music, will travel!To date Rosevelt has released a mini EP and a 7 track mini album titled 17:35 co-produced and engineered by JD, guitarist for Pop Shuvit and AIM award winning engineer. The band is in the midst of writing new material for the next full-length album and preparing to shoot two music video’s, which will be released very soon.

Pada yang belum pernah dengar lagi OST Langgar ini, disini kami sediakan official youtube yang juga disediakan oleh band ini.harap anda terhibur dan memberikan support kepada mereka.Untuk maklumat lanjut,sila kunjungi band page mereka di FB iaitu https://www.facebook.com/RoseveltMalaysia

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