Single pertama dah meletup

Pheelers was established on early 2009. The original idea was from AJ (1st guitarist).  Ayen was approached by AJ to become a member and stand as a vocalist.  After then Fatin was found to be a great talent who can play the guitar as well.  After a while Asyaf had been choose to fulfill the band as a bassist.

Pheelers is also under the supervision from the experienced 90’s musician named JP, kindly from Ubie & Riyadh bands.Our studio is located in Pandan Indah as well as all members living close to the area. The studio is owned by JP named Lang Music Studio.

We bring alternative rock.Aku & Simfoni was the 1st single which had been hits on chart at a few radio station such as SarawakFm & XfreshFm.We create a song based on our feelings rather than through the eyeslet just feel our music….. from the heart and soul
feel-us, Pheelers!
CONTACT NO:Ayen-0102958872 / Aj-0173667162 / Asyaf-0172453514  


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