Two Years Effort Italy Hard And Heavy Band Tesla Shamans Finally Release Their Album Electric Storm

Tesla Shamans is a Hard’n’Heavy band formed in early 2018 by a group of friends with the common desire to redeem themselves from their past experiences.

From the very beginning, the three founding members (Steve Crow, Paul Gun and Tom) noticed the potential of the project and decided to throw themselves headlong into the composition of new songs and found their first response with the public in August of the same year, on the occasion of the end-of-season party of the Officine
Sonore playing as the opening act for the band Dobermann.

Two months later they played to one of the Rock In Park on the Road dates, where they met the art director of the live club Legend Club Milano, Filippo Puliafito, who immediately offered the band to play at the concert of the historic UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore. From that moment until the end of 2019 the band promoted their project through several shows like ones of The Dead Daisies, Domine, Skeletoon, Be the Wolf, Temperance and so on… maturing an increasingly solid sound despite the various line-up changes behind the drums.

In summer 2019, the drummer Bellix joined the group and immediately managed to bring his personality into the songs shaping the final sound that characterize the band.
At the beginning of 2020, the Shamans finally collected the ten songs that will be part of the debut album, going from a typical Hard Rock vibe contaminated by blues influences, to riffs mixed with enchanting synth.

Our editor Jaso had a casual chat via online with them a few days ago. Let’s go around with their conversation.

Who are Tesla Shamans inspired by?

Tesla Shamans’ composition is the result of 4 different ways to listen and live music. All themembers are inspired by a different decade of music: Steve from the 60’s and 70’s rock and a large part of power metal, Paul is addicted to all the 80’s hard rock and blues, Bellix takes us a step further with metal-math core and djent bands. I’m in love with 90’s grunge sounds and all the modern hard n heavy music. Sometimes it would seem impossible to merge all of this massive and extremely different variety of genres…but here we are! Our album Electric Storm has a solid 80’s hard rock base contaminated with blues influences and riffs beaten with synths, all immersed in a shamanic scenario.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

The hidden meaning speaks of fears and frailties of the human being once he has realized his destiny and the illusions of the society. He therefore seeks a return to nature and the energies that belong to it. This attempt is combined with talking about modern situations.The final meaning is the creation of a tribe to share the same destiny in harmony.

Have any of you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Absolutely yes, but I think that’s the beauty of this job: that anxiety is a positive anxiety and gives you the greatest burst of energy in the world. It is an exercise with yourself and who you are.

Who would Tesla Shamans most like to collaborate with?

Probably we would like to collaborate with Simone Mularoni from DGM for our next album, because he’s officially the MASTER OF REC DESK in Italy! It will be so interesting to merge our ideas with his amazing experience as a musician and as a producer. We’re working on it!

Do any of you sing in the shower? What songs?

I sing all over the place: in the shower, in the car, when I’m walking. I especially listen to Power Metal so it must be funny for anyone watching me from the outside while I’m doing heroic faces and movements.

What is Tesla Shamans favourite song to perform?

For me, Lie Of The Mind. It’s the most complete song of the album. Orchestral,
harmonizations, riffs…all in the right place.

What is the most trouble Tesla Shamans have ever gotten into?

I can say with some certainty that the worst trouble has been my wrist injury just the day before entering the studio to record all the bass lines of Electric Storm, that stopped me for 8 months after tendon surgery. Or that time when we had to start recording the drums, and a pandemic has stopped all the studio calendar. Or when my PC crashed with all the pre-productions of our album. Mmmm… I hope next time it will be better!

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Probably put up with my brain and myself.

Talking about Electric Storm, how long it will take to complete it and what are the hardest things on completing this album?

We worked on this album for about 2 entire years. At first we had so many problems to find the right drummer that wanted to be part of this band, ‘cause we have always asked for a full time commitment and for the most part of the people it meant sacrificing too much energy. Then we spent about 1 and a half year writing all the tracks and lyrics and 6 months more to organize all the studio calendar, photos and video sessions and the whole promotion of the album with PressThis! Music PR once released. Then the pandemic came and we had to change all our plans (fortune faded 🙂 ). I think adapting to the post-pandemic situation will be the hardest thing to do to promote our album as best as we can!

The current situation is difficult for a band to get a show, what is the best thing this band does to share the art to outsiders?

Definitely, try to prepare yourself as best as you can to make the greatest shows ever, when it will be possible. And then, try to give fans moments to play down this bad situation. They were heavy months for all of us, and we have the responsibility to support our fans at least as much as they do with us.

Any words for upcoming new supporters and followers of Tesla Shamans in Malaysia?

You have a very ancient and wonderful shamanic tradition. The cult of nature and spirits that we try to carry on needs a tribe like you.

Two years in the making Tesla Shamans finally released their album Electric Storm in May 2021. With various technical problem and problems in realizing their dreams, praise should be given to them. We thank you and may Tesla Shamans continue to work with their vibe. As a personal view, this album will take us to the past generation.

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